The 2017 Federation of Infection Societies Conference
- Birmingham, ICC, 30th Nov - 2nd Dec 2017


Below are the abstracts that were displayed at FIS2017

Antibacterial therapy

An Observational Cohort Study Evaluating Antibiotic Use in Women with Suspected or Confirmed SepsisDownload poster
Effect of Piperacillin/Tazobactam shortage on hospital associated Clostridium difficile infection at a large teaching hospitalDownload poster
Chloramphenicol use in Geriatric Medicine at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth: an observational analysisDownload poster
Clinical Experience with Ceftolozane/Tazobactam at a London Teaching HospitalDownload poster
Staphylococcal bacteraemia: finding the path of least persistenceDownload poster
Review of clinical experience of Intravenous fosfomycin at Royal Bolton HospitalDownload poster
SYN-004 (Ribaxamase), an Orally Administered β-Lactamase, Prevents Clostridium difficile Infection, Reduces New Colonization by Opportunistic Pathogens and Reduces Changes in the Gut ResistomeDownload poster
Q fever – A continued threat to the military. Can antibiotic prophylaxis reduce the severity of disease?Download poster
Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic analyses of oral antibiotics for pyelonephritisDownload poster
Impact and review of an improved vancomycin dosing regimen and new prescribing pathway & monitoring chartDownload poster

Antimicrobial stewardship

Analysis of University students’ understanding of antimicrobial resistance and impact of becoming an antibiotic guardianDownload poster
Antimicrobial stewardship can improve the management of pneumoniaDownload poster
“Antibiotic” has had its day… time to use more specific terms like antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, or anti-inflammatory medicine?Download poster
Culture Sampling & ‘Day 3’ Reviews of Piperacillin-TazobactamDownload poster
Analysis of the impact on community pharmacy practice of using an antibiotic checklist to deliver the Government’s AMR strategyDownload poster
An Evaluation of East of England Hospitals Ability to Meet the National Antimicrobial Resistance CQUIN 2016-2017Download poster
Effectiveness of temocillin use in a London district general hospitalDownload poster
Interventions to Reduce Urinary Tract Infections for Older Adults in Care Settings: A Systematic ReviewDownload poster
How non-specialist ward pharmacists support Start Smart Then FocusDownload poster
Antimicrobial Stewardship in a Large Teaching Hospital: Is the reassessment of intravenous antimicrobials on our safety radar?Download poster
A Survey of the Antibiotic Prescribing Practices of Doctors in an Australian Emergency DepartmentDownload poster
The impact of the SIGN UTI 2012 guidelines on UTI antibiotic use in secondary careDownload poster
Rapid diagnostics with Cognitor®Minus to support antimicrobial stewardship – integrating laboratory testing with clinical reviewDownload poster
An Evaluation of Multi-Disciplinary Antimicrobial Stewardship Paediatric Ward RoundsDownload poster
Rapid diagnostics with Cognitor® Minus to support antimicrobial stewardship – integrating laboratory testing with clinical reviewDownload poster
The diagnosis and management of invasive fungal infection in haemato-oncology patients – reviewing departmental guidanceDownload poster
Development of a mobile app audit tool to support hospital prescribing quality indicatorsDownload poster
Antifungal stewardship experience at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation TrustDownload poster
Exploring the role of nurses in Antimicrobial Stewardship at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustDownload poster
Misdiagnosis and antibiotic prescribing practices related to asymptomatic bacteriuria in the elderly: a case series reviewDownload poster
Penicillin allergy drives greater adherence to antibiotic guidelines: pooled data on prescribing and allergy documentation from two English NHS TrustsDownload poster
Using a Mobile Application to evaluate and support improved antimicrobial stewardship practiceDownload poster
The Potential Effect of Intensive Clinical Infection Review on Meropenem PrescriptionsDownload poster
Meropenem prescribing: a service evaluation to assess correct indication, documentation and review of meropenem prescriptions to comply with AMR CQUIN 2016/17Download poster
Towards intelligent guidelines: can machine learning guide empirical antibiotic choice?Download poster
Medicine management technicians (MMTs): an untapped resource for antimicrobial stewardship?Download poster
An Audit to measure compliance of trust guidelines when prescribing antibiotics in obstetricsDownload poster
Analysis of the impact on patients’ of community pharmacists using an antibiotic checklist when counsellingDownload poster
Audit on laboratory handling and reporting of blood cultures in the Microbiology laboratory at Royal Lancaster InfirmaryDownload poster
Audit on the Outcome of Microbiology Telephone Consultations in Clinical PracticeDownload poster
Delivering the 48-hour antimicrobial review on in-patient drug chartsDownload poster
Identifying antibiotic stewardship interventions to meet the NHS England CQUINDownload poster
Patient education on appropriate self-care treatments for common RTIs: But what do the public need to know about antibiotics?Download poster
Audit of antibiotics for urinary tract infection prophylaxis in primary careDownload poster

Antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance

Cause or effect? Does hospital antibiotic use influence changes in bacterial resistance?Download poster
A novel PhoP substitution in Klebsiella pneumoniae with decreased susceptibility to colistinDownload poster
The antibacterial activity of blue-violet light (400nm) against carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae growing as mature biofilmsDownload poster
Trend in minimum inhibitory concentrations of bacteraemic Escherichia coli over 8 years, at Aberdeen Royal infirmaryDownload poster
BSAC bacteraemia resistance surveillance update: 2014-2016Download poster
BSAC respiratory resistance surveillance update: 2013-2016Download poster
Drug-resistant TB: An experience from QatarDownload poster
Control of OXA-48 Klebsiella pneumoniae outbreak on an Orthopaedic ward at Colchester Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustDownload poster
Inappropriate diagnosis and antibiotic prescribing for urinary tract infections in older adults: Perspectives of healthcare staff and patientsDownload poster

Cinical microbiology

Development of a new method for detection of Acanthamoebab keratitisDownload poster
Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae: A rare and important pathogenDownload poster
C-Reactive Protein in Community Acquired Pneumonia: Can it be used to determine treatment outcome?Download poster
Missed opportunities in patients with suspected meningitisDownload poster
The Fuse Has Been Lit: Rare cases of Fusobacterium necrophorumDownload poster
Mortality in patients with mycobacterium avium complex lung disease – a review of published literatureDownload poster
Evaluating Panton Valentine Leukocidin testing practices, prevalence and geographical distribution in North West London.Download poster
Bordetella bronchiseptica exudative tonsillitis in a previously healthy childDownload poster

Clinical cases

The Differential Beyond HSV and Limbic EncephalitisDownload poster
There’s Something In The WaterDownload poster
An Unusual Cause of a Brodie’s AbscessDownload poster
Cotton Bud in External Ear Canal as a Cause of Subdural AbscessDownload poster
Invasive amoebiasis presenting with multiple liver abscesses and negative initial amoebic serology requiring therapeutic radiological drainageDownload poster
A Rare Diagnosis Explains Eosinophilia In A Returning TravellerDownload poster
Casting a wider net for invasive infectionsDownload poster
When Ockham’s razor does not applyDownload poster
An uncomplementary situationDownload poster
Bacteraemia and prosthetic joint infection secondary to Salmonella typhimurium: an important clinical lessonDownload poster
An Unusual Case of Visceral Leishmaniasis in an Immunosuppressed Patient with Myasthenia GravisDownload poster
Interesting case of skin graft infection in a dog ownerDownload poster
Disturbances in the mind and body, A case report on the challenge of multiple side effects in the treatment multi-drug resistant tuberculosisDownload poster
Mycobacterium chimaera infection: a complex disease with many complicationsDownload poster
Central nervous system Nocardia infection in a lymphoma patient: a diagnostic challenge resolved by 16s PCRDownload poster
Have you heard of Alkaline Encrusted Pyelitis?!Download poster


A potential reservoir for transmission of Enterobacteriaceae after terminal and enhanced cleaning – Can the sink remain the missing linkDownload poster

Education and training

The mould that changed the world – a primary school musical about Antimicrobial ResistanceDownload poster
Evaluation of the Implementation of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Workbook for Nurses and MidwivesDownload poster
Allergy Awareness Week: The use of teamwork, ward based activities and social media as a novel education strategy in a District General HospitalDownload poster
Antimicrobial Prescribing by Junior Doctors – Putting Medical School Education into PracticeDownload poster

Fungal infections

Experience of using beta-D-glucan assays in the Intensive Care UnitDownload poster
Outcomes and Epidemiology of Candidaemia in a Tertiary Care Hospital Over 12 Years Period: 2005-2017 A Retrospective StudyDownload poster


Cohort Study of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Vaccine-Mediated Immunity in South African ChildrenDownload poster
End-of-Season Influenza Outbreaks and Possible Waning Vaccine ImmunityDownload poster

Infection control and hosptial epidemiology

Are we missing cases of Clostridium difficile cross transmission due to ward movements?Download poster
Reducing Clostridium difficile infection when the HEAT is on!Download poster
Real-time Monitoring of Biological Airborne Particles in a Hospital EnvironmentDownload poster
Using a human in-vitro gut model to evaluate carbapenemaseproducing Enterobacteriaceae screening methodsDownload poster
The Escherichia coli Bacteraemia Quality Premium: Is a 10% reduction possible using Quality Improvement Techniques?Download poster
Management of Complicated Intra-Abdominal Infections (Systematic Review)Download poster
Hand hygiene improvement strategy at Mater Dei Hospital – MaltaDownload poster
Prospective surveillance and rapid whole genome sequencing detects an unsuspected outbreak of carbapenemaseproducing Klebsiella pneumoniae in a UK hospitalDownload poster
Every silver lining has a cloud: Point prevalence survey of multidrug-resistant organisms reveals no carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE), but high rates of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium (VRE) within a University hospitalDownload poster
Gram-negative Bloodstream Infections (GNBSI): information for actionDownload poster
Improving Infection Control in the use of Ultrasound Equipment in the Emergency DepartmentDownload poster
Analysis of confirmed norovirus cases at North Cumbria University Hospital, January-February 2017Download poster
Lessons learned from systematic public health follow-up of diagnoses of CJD for surgical risk, in EnglandDownload poster
Reducing healthcare associated infections through positive deviance approachDownload poster
An evaluation of a toolkit for the early detection, management and control of carbapenemaseproducing Enterobatericeae: A cross-sectional survey of NHS acute trusts in EnglandDownload poster
Reducing Hospital Acquired Pseudomonas transmission on the ICU at NMUHDownload poster
Timing of conversion to positivity of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceaecontacts during a tertiary hospital OXA-48 outbreakDownload poster
The potential utility of surveillance for carbapenemresistant enterobacteriaceae(CRE) in hospital wastewater in a low prevalence tertiary hospital settingDownload poster
To screen or not to screen for VRE in immunocompromised patients?Download poster

Laboratory diagnostics

Evaluation of the impact of Point-Of-Care Testing using the Cepheid Xpert Flu/RSV assay in the Acute Medical UnitDownload poster
Avoid geting hot under the collar: Indices to guide Bone Marrow Examination in Pyrexia of Unknown OriginDownload poster
Detecting carbapenemase genes 24 hours earlier: verification and implementation of the Cepheid Xpert Carba-R assay for bacterial isolates grown on alternative agar platesDownload poster
The ‘Dark’ Days Are Over. A move to routine syphilis PCR testing on all genital ulcer swabsDownload poster
The utility of 16S rRNA sequencing in the management of culture-negative intracranial abscessDownload poster
Older patients with Tuberculosis have less typical changes on chest radiographsDownload poster
Success in obtaining sputum samples in TB suspect patients with no sputumDownload poster


Exploring appropriate utilisation of ambulatory care for pyelonephritisDownload poster
Line infection in patients with haematological malignanciesDownload poster
The burden of healthcare resource utilisation in patients with complicated acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI) where first line beta-lactam antibiotics were unsuitableDownload poster
Continuous beta-lactam intravenous antibiotic infusions over 24 hours for outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy, an auditDownload poster
Evaluation of Antimicrobial Pharmacist Integration into, and Prescribing Project within Western Health and Social Care Trust (WHSCT) Rapid Response TeamDownload poster


Optimising Paediatric Blood Cultures – Are We Inoculating Enough Blood?Download poster
Predictors of Unplanned Re-attendance at a Large Paediatric Emergency Department in South London, 2015 – 2016Download poster
A Lesser Known Rhodococcus Rhodococcus erythropolisDownload poster
Experience of transmissible carbapenemase determinants (TCDs) from a UK tertiary paediatric hospital: Great Ormond Street hospitalDownload poster

Quality improvement

Overcoming the complexity of multiple barriers to appropriate typhoid diagnosis in a low resource setting; a multi-­‐disciplinary approach to behaviour change in Segbwema, Sierra LeoneDownload poster
Management of infective endocarditis- a Quality Improvement projectDownload poster
BACK TO BASICS : Reducing intra-vascular catheter-related infections in patients on haemodialysisDownload poster
Co-prescribing for patients on ART in the community: a quality improvement project aDownload poster
18 Month Experience of Latent TB Management in the STH Infectious Diseases DepartmentDownload poster

Surgical site infections and sepsis

Assessment of the Diagnosis Criteria of Sepsis and the Use of the Sepsis Six Care Bundle in Maternity WardsDownload poster
A survey of practice and opinions on the use of topical antibiotics to prevent surgical site infection; more confusion than consensus.Download poster
Can 2 become 1? Novel innovative approach and solution to address GIRFT and SSI using existing technologyDownload poster
A meta-analysis of Early Warning Scores in sepsis: Do they predict anything?Download poster
Colo-Pro Pilot: A pilot randomised controlled trial comparing standard bolus dosed, to bolus-continuous infusion dosed, cefuroxime prophylaxis, for the prevention of infections after colorectal surgeryDownload poster

Surveillance and epidemiology

Bugs and Bills: Statistical and Financial Implications of Clinical Coding and SepsisDownload poster
Increased incidence of Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia among people who inject drugs in Oxfordshire reveals a polyclonal outbreakDownload poster
Improving the detection and management of central venous catheter-related blood stream infections in haemato-oncology patientsDownload poster
A Review of Central Venous Catheter Related Infections (CVCRI) in patients receiving home total parenteral nutrition at the Bristol Royal Infirmary: Microbe Epidemiology, Diagnosis of Infections and ManagementDownload poster
Do uk travel and tourism trends reflect pre-travel health advice service usage?Download poster
16 year follow-up of surgically exposed contacts of patients with CJD in the UKDownload poster

Tropical Infections

A Case of Ruptured Pulmonary Hydatid Cyst Disease following Albendazole therapyDownload poster
Persistent Fevers in a Returning Traveller despite Malarial Treatment. Malarial Antigen positive but no parasites seen. Is there an alternative diagnosis?Download poster
Does the Rate of Primary Series Vaccination Differ by HIV-Status in Infants Living in Zambia? A secondary data analysis of pre-ART cohort data Download poster
A Retrospective Review of Malaria Cases in Addenbrooke’s Hospital Download poster
A prospective study into the impact of Xpert MTB/RIF on the management of tuberculosis in a low-resource high-burden Indian setting Download poster

Viral infections

Acute hepatitis E incidence and seroprevalence in a UK populationDownload poster
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Epidemiology, Diagnosis and access to treatment in a UK CohortDownload poster
Audit on Parvovirus B19 testing in pregnant individuals March 2016 – April 2017Download poster
Potential serious immunomodulatory complications of hepatitis C therapiesDownload poster
Utility of testing for HCV Resistance Associated Variants (RAVs) to determine best Direct-Acting Antivirals (DAA) treatment regimen for treatment-naïve and re-treatment patientsDownload poster